The Koong Law Group is an innovative practice, founded to offer individuals and businesses with the sophisticated legal representation − at a reasonable cost.

As BitTorrent inventor, Bram Cohen, once captured the engrained distrust of lawyers in his 2010 tweet, "Lawyers are like phone companies. Their bread and butter is in tricking you into racking up minutes." We are here to disprove that.

We understand that nobody wants to rack up unpredictable and expensive legal fees or deal with lawyers who don't really seem to care. With us, you get value-oriented legal services originated from creativity, a balanced approach to risk, and a strong understanding of our clients' objectives. But, without all the legal jargons, red tapes and the superfluous billing.

We recognize that innovation requires both new technologies and new ideas. Innovation is about processes, not just tools. Just as startup founders who successfully focused on improving the user experience, as legal entrepreneurs, we are committed in improving our clients' experience in obtaining legal services.

At the Koong Law Group, we approach each situation with our clients' perspective in mind because we are always focused on your goals. Our only agenda is your success.


Exceptional Results stem from a true understanding of Clients' Objectives

We strive to gain insight into our clients' goals, priorities, concerns and purpose. Only then, can we truly understand our clients' underlying issues. We work with our clients' to create intelligent strategies that help facilitate the advancement of our clients' interests. To us, listening and understanding are the key to an effective and efficient relationship.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality legal services to help our clients achieve their objectives in the most efficient and effective way. Our hope is that our philosophy inspires a different kind of relationship with our clients, one of cooperation and mutual benefit rather than just another business transaction.



John Koong
Attorney & Counselor at Law
Sarah Koong
Attorney & Counselor at Law

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